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Beginner beekeeping questions and resources.

Bee on flower.

Bee on flower.

Do you want to start keeping some bees in your back yard? Manitoba has some really good options when it comes to keeping bees. There are lots of good honey plants, and summers are long enough for bees to take full advantage of them. There are a few options available for getting your first hive of honey bees and all the equipment you will need to get started. Also, the University of Manitoba hold an annual beekeeping course for the hobbyist course every winter. Visit their sight for more information.

Where to get bees from:

  • If you need bees you can get some through this web site, visit the nucs  page for more information. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or problems you might have with managing the hives for your first year.
  • Visit the Red River Apiaries Association web site for beekeeping equipment you will need to get started and also to get some ideas on start up prices. The RRAA is a great beekeeping club in Winnipeg that is very helpful for beginner beekeepers I advise you to join them.
  • Also check out the links section on here for an additional list of beekeepers who sell bees in Manitoba.

Beekeeping Equipment options:

  • BeeMaid Honey in Winnipeg carries all your beekeeping needs, from the hobby beekeeper to the commercial beekeeper they have what you are looking for.
  • Visit the classified adds on the RRAA website.
  • Visit the Classified adds on the Manitoba Beekeepers Association. You will have to download their newsletter.
  • Get to know a beekeeper near you, they are usually willing to help out and have some used equipment that they no longer need.