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Nucs For Sale.

We have a limited number of 4 frame nucs available for sale every spring. The nucs are ready for pickup by the middle, or towards the end of May depending on the weather. These nucs develop into full sized colonies in time for the honey flow.

  • 4-Frame nucs $190   The 4-frame nucs have at least three frames of brood, plus one with honey and pollen.

Place your order early, we only have a limited supply available every year. In April we will contact you to confirm your order at which time a $20 deposit is required per nuc. All nucs come with our own queens produced the previous year. Contact us for further details.

Nuc hive.

Nuc hive.

What is a Nuc?

A nuc is beekeeping jargon for a small hive. The nucs come with frames filled with brood, honey and pollen. The frames are well covered with enough bees to keep the brood warm and to take care of the small hive as well.  A healthy, vigorous queen is also included with the nuc. In Manitoba a 3 or 4 frame nuc that you buy in May will grow fast enough so that they are at full strength just when the honey flow starts.

Sorry not taking any more orders for 2018 Beekeeping season.

If you want to buy a hive in Manitoba please visit the following web sites.

-Red River Apiarists’ Association. Beekeeping articles, newsletter, Manitoba beekeeping events, etc.
Manitoba Beekeeper’s Association
-Upcoming beekeeping events in Manitoba. Promoting the welfare of the entire Manitoba honey bee industry.

Please visit the links page for addition web pages in MB.