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Manitoba Honey

Manitoba Honey

Manitoba Honey

We offer top quality ‘soft spreadable’ creamed honey. By controlling the crystallization process we provide unpasteurized honey that is easy to use and that stays soft.

In todays’ beekeeping world beekeepers tend to use chemicals and antibiotics in their hives to control disease. In our beekeeping operation we only use organic acids that are naturally found in honey. This helps in keeping honey as pure as possible without increasing the risk of  foreign substances.

Honey from this area of Manitoba comes mainly from the canola flower, which is grown in great abundance. It also contains a fair amount of Clover, Alfalfa and wild flowers that grow along the river banks and edges of the fields.


500 Gram Honey Jar

500 Gram honey jar. $5.00


3KG Honey Pail.

3KG honey pail. $25.0


5 KG Honey Pail.

5 KG honey pail. $35.00

11.3KG honey pail.

11KG honey pail. $75.00

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