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Hiving a swarm of bees.

Capturing a  honey bee swarm is one way of starting a bee hive.


  • The honey bees are free.
  • They readily accept a hive that they are given.


  • The bees don’t always choose a place to swarm that is the beekeepers preference,
  • If you plan on obtaining your bees by catching a swarm and non shows up then you are simply a box keeper rather then a beekeeper. Not much to learn there!!!


Once you find the swarm you need to be able to get at it. Then you shake the bees into a box or pail and hope that the queen is mixed in with the bees.

Swarm high up in the trees.

Swarm high up in the trees.

The swarm's view from the tree tops.

The swarm’s view from the tree tops.

Shake the bees in front of the hive and they will march right in. If you didn’t catch the queen then they will fly off again and you will have to repeat the proses until you get the queen along with the swarm. After the swarm is settled into the hive you can move the hive to where you want it to be.

Hiving a large swarm