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Equipment for sale

We currently have a few beekeeping items for sale: Contact us for further details.

Complete bee hive with bees for sale, the price is $340, included is;

  • 4 frames Nuc with bees and queen.
  • Screened bottom board for varroa monitoring/control. Stainless steel screen with stainless steel pull out tray, and a 1″ insulation on the bottom.
  • Entrance reducer.
  • Wax dipped brood box with 10 frames of drawn comb.
  • Hive lid with 1.5″ built in insulation.
Complete bee hive with bees.


  • 40 Screen bottom boards for sale. They are in good condition, asking $20.00 each. These bottom boards come with Stainless Steel mesh on top and Stainless Steel pan underneath to catch the mites and other hive debris that falls past the mesh. The Stainless Steel parts prevents the formic acid and oxalic acid from corroding them. Under the pan is a 1″ Styrofoam piece of insulation to help insulate the hive in winter. They are in good condition.

21 Plastic Queen excluders $3.50 each in excellent condition. Half are new and half are used for one season.


6 Supers with older drawn comb. Asking $60/super. Boxes are in good condition, frames are older frames.

Wiring jig for wiring and embedding the wire in beeswax foundation. Comes with a roll of steel wire as well. Asking $20.

Tank for wax dipping your wooden hive ware. It is currently contains 280 Lbs of paraffin and beeswax. Can do 3 supers at a time. Asking $450.